Welcome to the Goldfish Aquarium!

This website was created in 2017 and promotes the proper care of goldfish. It is your one-stop source of information on anything goldfish related.

The Goldfish Aquarium will help you take care of your goldfish and will increase your enjoyment of goldfish keeping with lots of interesting information and fascinating goldfish facts!

Among a lot of other things, this website will teach you:

  • How to set up you first goldfish aquarium
  • What key mistakes to avoid in taking care of your goldfish
  • About the vast array of Goldfish Breeds and which one you should choose for your aquarium
  • How to increase your enjoyment of the goldfish hobby along the way.

The goal of The Goldfish Aquarium is to foster goldfish appreciation, whilst promoting better care of these wonderful creatures.

I came to the goldfish hobby in 2013 and was thrown right into it. It was a steep learning curve and I couldn’t find all the information I needed in one place. I had to rummage through the internet for information I needed. I hope to make learning about Goldfish fun and easy.

Of course, I don’t have all the answers, so I would love to know what you think! That’s why you’re able to comment on any article on the site and share your thoughts, questions, opinions and knowledge with other goldfish enthusiasts.

Please feel free to ask me any question that is on your mind. I promise to do my utmost to respond and answer in an article, a direct email or in the comment section.

Let’s gather together and make this a cheerful and helpful community!


My name is Sarah Knowles. Two years ago my boyfriend, Henry, and I moved to London, in the pursuit of a more fulfilling and exciting life and matching careers. We live in a small flat in East London, with a garden. I have a very large aquarium and five goldfish (Blacky, Little Lemon, Big Red, Clementine and Jaffa).

In 2014, I inherited two little Goldfish: Eduardo and Pascal. My colleague had kept them in a tiny fishbowl for over two years. No need to say, both were severely stunted. I have always been the type to do a lot of research before throwing myself into a new venture. So I soon found out that goldfish needed a lot more space and care than most fish stores let on.

Eduardo and Pascal soon moved into a 110L Aquarium. I bought this aquarium second hand from Gumtree, then added gravel, lights and fake plants. Cycling the aquarium from scratch took ages and maintaining any kind of descent water quality in the fishbowl was impossible. So Eduardo and Pascal were introduce to their new home a little earlier than expected. In the process Eduardo developed black edges on his fins, a sure sign of ammonia poisoning.

Soon I learned how to identify a male goldfish from a female goldfish. Turns out Eduardo and Pascal were in fact Eduarda and Pascalle. I renamed both fish to Little Yellow and Big Red. 

Blacky joined the crew not long after. I found him in my local pet store. He was extremely active and his beady little eyes begged me to take him home.At this

At this point, I had fallen deeply in love with the aquarium hobby. Inspired by Tadao Ando, I redesigned the aquarium with live plants. It was an interesting venture. The new substrate and live plants made a huge change in my goldfish lives. Suddenly they had substrate to sift through and live plants to hide in or alternatively rip apart. I can’t imagine how boring life in a goldfish bowl must have been before!